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The Association of Electrical Engineers in Finland

The Association of Electrical Engineers in Finland (Sähköinsinöörit - SIL or just SIL) is a non-profit national society for technicians, engineers and students of electrical industry. SIL has almost 3000 individual members and around 30 corporate members. SIL was established already in 1926.

The mission of the association is defined as follows:
"The Association of Electrical Engineers in Finland is a society promoting co-operation between stakeholders, strengthening professional skills and knowledge of it´s members and increasing the awareness and appreciation of electrical industry."

SIL arranges seminars, excursion trips and free time activities for it´s members to increase their professionalism and knowledge not forgetting networking locally and internationally. Besides the activities towards it´s members, SIL has an active role in participating in different associations, organizations and institutes. SIL also grants scolarships through it´s foundation.

SIL also publishes the "Sähkö & Tele" -journal (Electricity & Telecom), a magazine that was founded in 1928. Sähkö & Tele is the leading professional magazine for the electrical industry in Finland. The magazine comes out in 8 yearly issues and its circulation varies between 3 000 and 6 500 copies.

Please follow this link to the mediacard of "Sähkö & Tele".

For further information, please contact:
The Association of Electrical Engineers in Finland
address: Takomotie 8, 00380 Helsinki, Finland
e-mail: sil(at)